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House Painting

Palm Shores Florida

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Texture wall and house painting in and around Palm Shores Fl.
Texture painting gives your project a more personal appearance.
We are the professionals for any texture painting project you might have.
Large textures or small texture, what ever will look the best for the type of room and colors.
It makes a big difference to know these things. Do not just do any texture, do it right.
We also do exterior house painting and sealing.
You can have the interior and exterior of your whole house painted by us.
Before any painting begins, the walls have to be prepared correctly.
This will allow the paint to stick to the surface.
If any holes or cracks in the wall, we patch and sand properly.
We are confident that you will be totally happy with the final product when complete.

We service all residential and commercial properties.

Commercial & residential wall painting Palm ShoresExterior outside house paint around Palm Shores FloridaTexture house painting Palm Shores Florida

We will come to inspect the texture wall painting project in Palm Shores first.
Or exterior of the house if you want the outside of house painted.
We do any type of texture or smooth paint.
Different types and textures go with different colors, as well as different furniture.
If there are any cracks or holes, they will be sealed and sanded.
All surfaces must be prepared and free of oils and foreign material before painting.
This will allow for a professional paint adhesion to the walls, that will last for years.
We can paint on virtually any material, it just neds to be prepared accordingly.
Commercial & residential interior and exterior texture wall painting around Palm Shores Fl.

(321) 339-3463

Same day service if called before 10:00 AM.
Well lets get to it.
Do you need any home chores done or tasks accomplished.
Sometimes a little hand in doing them is real handy.

I am a very Handy Man, just call me.

Handyman Service

Below are the zip codes we do handyman services in.
Handyman near you.
32951, 32901, 32902, 32903, 32904, 32905, 32906, 32907, 32908, 32909,
32910, 32911, 32912, 32920, 32922, 32923, 32924, 32925, 32926, 32927, 32931,
32932, 32934, 32935, 32936, 32937, 32951, 32952, 32959, 32954, 32953


Fence Repair & New Fence Put Up

Fence repair, gate repair, along with professional gate service.
We repair & replace all types of wooden fences, metal fence & chain link.
Poles replaced and new installed when needed.
Fence gate replacement and repair.
Gate locks installed & repaired.
Electric remote sliding gate install and repair service.

Pressure Washing The Sidewalk, House & The Roof

Our skilled pressure washing team can clean the dirtiest spots clean.
Is your roof in need of a good pressure washing?
We can clean your driveway and sidewalk to make it like new.
Cleaning the sides of the house will eliminate all living insects.
This is good because most are not good to us, such as bees and wasps.

Wood Decks Built & Repaired

Wood decks rebuilt & repaired along with new decks built.
Professional deck builders , building since 1978.
We always use quality lumber, fasteners & brackets.
Pool decks, sun deck, any type - we build what you want.
Maybe your old deck just needs a little upkeeping, we can help with that as well.

Furniture Assembly & Moving

Professional furniture assembly, we can put together your entertainment center or work desk.
Furniture of all types put together and assembled.
Cabinets, dresser drawers, mirrors hung up & assembly services.
Ikea furniture and box furniture put together service.

Hot Water Heater Replace & Repair Service.

If your hot water heater is leaking it will need replaced.
If it is not heating it might just need repaired with a new element part.
We come to you and remove the old heater and replace it professionally.
We drain the water and no mess & no fuss the job is a easy one to do.

Toilet Replacement & Repair Service

Toilet cracked or old and needs replaced, we can help.
If the toilet is leaking water, you might have a crack.
A old style is destin to fail eventually, have it updated.
Flappers need replaced every few years to prevent water leakage.
We replace the first generation 1.6 gallon flush toilet.

Sink Repair & Replacement

Worn out sink replacement & repair service.
Bathroom & kitchen sink services fabricated & repaired with professional plumbing.
If your sink is dripping water and youcan not shut it off, call us.
Broken sink & broken water line or spigot repair.
If you have broken a water line, shut off the water to the house.
Leaking sinks cost money as they drip your pennies away.

Gutter Replacement & Repair

All types of gutter repair and replacement on all homes and buildings.
A stopped up gutter will not drain properly, we clean gutters.
A broken or leaking drain will also need fixed.
New drainage and gutter systems repaired and installed.
It is nice when gutters are installed correctly and they are all working.

Hurricane Shutters Put Up & Installed

Do not wait until it is to late, and you need hurricane shutters.
We install shutters before the storm comes.
When it comes, we put hurricane shutters up.
We will not install new shutters when a hurricane is on the way.

Soffit and Fascia Repair & Replacement

Rotten fascia and soffit repair and replacement done the right way.
Make sure when you are replacing one of them that you check the other.
Sometimes both soppet and fascia will need replaced.
Painting is one of the best ways to seal from the elements.

Drywall Hanging & Repair

We repair holes in the drywall, patch and paint service.
Water damage drywall replacement.
New walls and closets replaced & built.
Professional drywall patch and repair services.

Wood And Metal Door Repair & Replacement

Rotten wooden door replacement, metal door bent replaced.
Door frames and locks repaired and replaced.
Professional lock and door service.

Driveway Sealing & Repair

We can preserve the beauty and quality of your driveway by sealing it.
If there are holes or it is just uneven, we can rebuild a new driveway for you.
Concrete or asphalt driveway cleaning and sealing services.
Is your driveway in need of a few patches?
Do you need the holes filled ?
Does your driveway have oil stains and grease stains?

Residential & Commercial Painting

House or apartment professional painting services.
Commercial painting for any office or building complex.
Interior & exterior paint technicians, with quality workmanship.
We can paint a garage to a condo or office complex.
Call us for a free estimate that you will be happy with.

Light Fixture Repair & Replacement

Wall socket plugs and light fixture repair & replacement service.
Small electrical repairs and light switch wiring.
New plug and electric sockets replaced and installed.
Outside grounded plugs need a good grounding copper rod in the ground.
We also install motion security lighting and outdoor lighting systems.

Calking of Windows & Door Sealing

Window & door caulking and sealing.
Have your windows and door sealed.
Your valuable air conditioning is leaking right out of the old dried out calk.
Get your windows & doors calked and sealed to prevent your money from going out the window.
We do professional calking of your home or business to prevent air leaking out.
You will be suprised of the amount of electricity you save when sealed properly.

Water Sprinkler Head Replacement & Pump Repair

Grass not getting enough water from a bad pump or a sprinkler line is broken.
Sprinkler repair and new lines or water pump replacement.
Sometime the heads will need repaired or adjusted to cover all of the lawn.
Timers for the grass watering can be adjusted to what time is best for all.
Call us for a complete sprinkler system.

Garbage Disposal Repair & Replacement

Kitchen sink garbage disposal repair and replacement services.
New disposal food waste grinder replacement and installation.
If the unit is clogged or jammed, we can usually free it up.
Our technicians can repair, replace or install your kitchen sink garbage disposal unit.

Pool Pump Repair & Replacement

Swimming pool filter pump repair & replacement services.
New pumps, larger and more efficient pumps rebuilt and repaired.
We replace any pool pump, same day service.
Your filter pump for your swimming pool needs to run every day to filter and irrigate the water.
Water can become stagnet and start growing algae if not cleaned properly.
Filtration and pump assembly repair and replacement.


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